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At Cedar Catering Management Support we believe that good food is one of life’s great pleasures. You and your residents should expect only the very best from your caterer – and that’s exactly what we offer.  We are passionate about food and fresh local produce. In fact every day 90% of all our food is cooked from fresh by our chefs across all locations where we operate. Only the finest ingredients and produce make the grade.

Supporting in-house caterers with a branded catering system – CCMS.

New government guidelines are to be introduced for, care and nursing homes and the standards have been drawn up by NHS National Service Scotland. CCMS has been created to assist clients who have their own in-house catering services and will require assistance in complying with the new legislation when it’s introduced next year making Scotland the first country in the UK to place nutritional standards for Care and Nursing Homes on a statutory footing.  The guidelines are a refreshing version of these standards. They are intended to help catering providers to make sure meals contain all the nutrients needed by elderly people in line with their individual care plans. 

However, the new guidelines set out a number of improvements in key areas.

Under the new guidelines each Care and Nursing Home would have to care out at least two or more audits per year to make sure is of a good quality, and being served in the right way with a detailed analysis of each dishes nutritional and allergen analysis. Through our own dietitian Lisa Holmes and leadership she has been working with our senior management catering team in developing our management food systems to ensure clients are delivering a compete catering service in line with the governments new Care Nursing Homes Food Standards.

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